The word business has an etymological origin from the Latin nec otium which means what is not leisure; In Roman times, otium was considered the free time that a person had and what activity they carried out in that period of time, for which they did not receive any type of reward, in this way business meant the work they did in their free time and was paid. In this way we can describe the word business as an activity with purely lucrative purposes, with the passage of time it can evolve having stability and organization considering it a company, but this will depend on the administration of resources, which must be careful. to achieve success.

Thus, any work or activity carried out in order to receive money in exchange for this is considered a business, being then one of the pillars for the economy of a country or nation, business can vary depending on the activity that is carried out. However, as a human activity that involves money, businesses are governed by laws that seek the welfare of operations in a company, all those who violate these laws imposed by each country, is considered an illegal or fraudulent business.

Finally, business is determined as the transaction where two parties exchange goods with each other, this in exchange for the payment of a price imposed by the entity that offers the service, this exchange can be considered as a barter between the entrepreneur and the public that benefits. From his job.