Business leadership

It is the one that is exercised by a person (boss) within a company who has the ability to successfully communicate with employees when making recommendations or suggestions, creating a bond with the workers and the company’s objective, therefore He is recognized by people as a leader in the workplace, his main function is to ensure the perfect functioning in all areas of the company in order to achieve success.

The business leader must have the ability to appease the different personalities of the people who work in a certain workplace, for the best performance of the same and therefore the achievement of the objectives, this without neglecting the emotions and feelings of said individuals, for that the leader must be an example to follow within the company.

Business leadership can be classified into transactional and transformational, the first is the most rigorous, since it is focused on numbers, the detailed process of each action that is carried out and income, instead the transformational, focuses more on the value that should be given to the workers who work in the company. For some, the secret is to achieve a balance between the two, which can lead to greater growth for the organization.

Among the characteristics that a leader must have are the ability to make good decisions, since great responsibility falls on him, charisma when addressing an employee so that he performs at his best, discipline, he must show authority if the situation warrants it, the organization is of vital importance to lead, since it must order and manage the resources that are in the company well, it must also have the vision of an entrepreneur, it must be creative to design and execute unique ideas that help to the development of the company, he must be a person with a good lexicon so that when expressing an idea, it reaches the receiver clearly and is executed effectively, in addition to that he must have a good presence in front of others, honesty must be the most important characteristic since both the employer and the employees place their trust in it.