Business day

A business day is defined as all those days of the year in which work must be done, excluding weekends from said statement, that is, business days are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. It is important to point out that the business days mentioned above are established according to the tradition of Western countries, in addition to this it must also be said that business days can sometimes be affected by a decree of the state in which a date is established. specified as a non-working day and it coincides with a business day. In many countries of the world, working days have in many cases become a simple and tradition, since in general, most companies work on these days, while those that do not are very few, among them are They include banking and government institutions.

It is important to point out that on the one hand the year has 365 days and the business days are those included within those 365 that are working days, that is, they are not holidays. The importance of knowing the difference between these two types of days is very relevant, since it allows to establish postponements and agreements on certain dates, since if the calendar days are counted from one date to another, the result will be different than if business days are counted, for example, if from August 20 to November 20 there are 31 calendar days between them, if instead the calendar days are counted, the resulting figure will be lower since Saturdays and Sundays are subtracted and if there is any holiday must also be subtracted.

In addition to the above, it is important to state that business days can have a varied duration depending on the company where you work, since, for example, banking institutions work from 9am to 3pm, while other companies can work until 6 and even until 9 pm.

The notion of working day serves mainly to differentiate working days from non-working days, with working days being dedicated almost entirely to the productive routine of human beings, being very diverse depending on the person, this means that human beings Most of them must establish a kind of schedule which will revolve around said days, with only 2 days to rest from said routine.