Burnout syndrome

Burnout syndrome is an inadequate response to chronic stress and is characterized by presenting three dimensions, among which are: emotional exhaustion or exhaustion, depersonalization or dehumanization, and lack or decrease in personal fulfillment within the work environment. Burnout syndrome occurs in those people who, due to the nature of their work, must be in frequent and direct contact with other people, such as the case of health workers, those who work in the field of education or within the social realm.

It is important to note that Burnout syndrome can have quite negative consequences, both physically and psychologically. Among the most common symptoms are depression and anxiety, which are responsible for the vast majority of sick leave.

Burnout Syndrome presents a symptomatology quite similar to the symptoms that are related to work stress in general, but despite this, in the case of Burnout they can increase their intensity, especially in everything that is related to the changes of behavior or character. Among which can be found:

  • Mood changes: this is one of the most characteristic symptoms of Burnout Syndrome. It is quite common for the worker in this situation to become irritable and moody.
  • Demotivation: The individual loses all enthusiasm for his work. All goals and objectives give way to disappointment and the thought of having to endure high-stress situations day after day that exceed their capabilities and each workday becomes endless.
  • Mental exhaustion: the gradual wear and tear generated by the Burnout syndrome in the affected person, makes their resistance to stress less and less, which is why the body finds it increasingly difficult to cope with the factors that produce that stress.

Despite the advances made by research in specific fields, even today there are different positions regarding the type of intervention that is most appropriate when it comes to correcting it: either individual, emphasizing psychological action, or social or organizational type, affecting working conditions.