Affectation of the bronchi by the flu, which can become inflamed causing an abundance of mucus or excessive secretion, it can be chronic, purulent and infectious, with a bad smell, persistent cough with the presence of blood in the expelled phlegm, difficulty breathing and sounds like beeps, in more acute cases with infections and high fevers. It can be diagnosed with a simple physical examination, with chest x-rays, sputum culture (mucus), among other tests if the patient requires it, if it is poorly treated it can become acute bronchitis, pneumonia, pneumonia, bronchiectasis among other.

Treating it is very simple in appearance, antibiotics are widely used in these cases to eliminate the infection of the bronchi, in children this condition is very common and the administration of amoxicillin or nebulize them together with bronchodilators help reduce and relax opening the pathways to the lungs, facilitating the process of recovery and breathing, vaccinations against the flu, pneumococcus and avoiding tobacco, may not prevent you from getting the flu but its symptoms are mild and easy to treat without complications in the future, with a good recovery.

Having a healthy life with exercises such as swimming helps to strengthen the respiratory tract as well as more strength in the immune system, citrus fruits such as pineapple, strawberries, melon, kiwi among others are an important contribution to vitamin C, which prevents and relieves the common cold, a daily dose of this vitamin protects us and makes the symptoms mild and short.