At first instance, a Bonus is synonymous with a gift, extra, gratification, because, when someone is executing a certain task and this excels in the terms established by the organization, obtaining as a result a product of better quality or in the shortest stipulated time, receives a bonus, this type of bonus comes from the word bonus, which represents a gift to someone for a good job performed. In general, these types of bonuses are common in schools, university institutes and companies that move a large number of personnel, this, with the purpose of encouraging people to improve in the tasks assigned to them. This is a psychology strategy which bases the good responses of the issuer from gifts in token of acceptance and royalty.

In the economic field, a bond is an interesting performance tool which allows large companies and government institutions to offer the interested public «Debt Securities» so that they can be settled by third parties. In this way, companies can pay debts that, due to lack of costs or impossibility of costs, make it impossible for them to pay them on their own. With a previous field investigation, safeguarding a passive patrimony and guaranteeing a series of “Win-Win” measures, the companies proceed to issue debt bonds, offer them with a price in a physical title in which the conditions are stipulated under which the corresponding treatment is carried out and of course, the amount of the debt that is being assigned to the investor is reflected.

Companies such as the state oil companies, carry out this type of business at least once every quarter of a decade, giving way to investors venturing into the field of company shares, since there are cases in which Bonds, in addition to receiving interest from the company that issues them, are also converted into shares of the company, thus assuming a more complex payment in financial matters. Many entrepreneurs in the private sector are closely related to each other or to the government to pay debts, this influences the behavior of the world economy, turning it into a versatile “Friendly” war field for the good of all.