It is an attitude or action of vanity that some people have when bragging about their own achievements, virtues or qualities such as performance in certain activities, without caring about their own weaknesses. In the Law it is said that it is the obligation that an individual has to exercise and defend his rights which he still does not enjoy judicially, or dispense with them. Boasting is the expression of a person in his definition of himself.

Lacking tact and showing off his arrogance as excessive pride in himself, placing values ​​on himself and extolling his qualities that in many cases go to the extreme towards his person, creating a halo of perfection around him, boasting virtues that are often non-existent, and performance of a boast of actions whether of a criminal nature; for the skill and performance in illicit acts, reaching a provocative speech, bothering others and becoming a braggart or petulant, understanding that for the human being in many cases the way to demonstrate is through the material and not the moral, or the achievements on children; that is to say, that it does not belong to them or they are not their own, implying that they are of an endless fate or that life revolves around it and for them, without giving due value and respect to the Divine will, that is, God, since that thanks to Him we are and we are on this earth. In the bible they are clear in examples of boastful people such as Moab, who turned out to be arrogant, arrogant, haughty and haughty at heart, humility did not reign in any of his acts.

In Chile, at the level of Civil Law, bragging is spoken of in different terms, referring to the right to demand possession of something, to own it and defend it. That if for some reason he did not obtain it, his boasting must be put to the test in a trial, and demonstrate that it belongs to him or is the owner by inheritance, passing the written tests with witnesses who declare the truth of the fact, having a time stipulated by the Chilean law of only six months that if you do not do so, your request is null and void.