Block up

The term obstruct comes from the Latin “obstruĕre” which means to build against something, not to let pass or make a wall, it is a word that is composed of the suffix “ob” which means confrontation or opposition plus the verb “struere” which It means to pile up or gather. To obstruct means to close, block or seal the passage of a moving element along a path, route or conduit. That is to hinder the passage or prevent the action or operation of an entity, encompassing the physical and the immaterial.

When speaking of obstructing, it is understood to prevent full access to a space, sector, zone or place, but also to make it difficult to carry out a process or activity as such. An example of this resides in the field of medicine, when the obstruction of the coronary arteries occurs, this is a type of heart disease, the function of these arteries is that they transport blood and oxygen to the heart, and when these arteries are obstructed with residues called plaque, is when it is called coronary artery disease or coronary heart disease, when this occlusion occurs, it prevents the heart from receiving enough blood and oxygen, which can cause considerable chest pain; if blood clots form, they could unexpectedly stop the flow of blood in the arteries, thus causing a heart attack. Over the years, this plaque forms in the arteries, which is a process called atherosclerosis; One of the most relevant causes of the formation of these residues is when the level of cholesterol in the blood is high and as all this plaque agglomerates, the orifice of the arteries contracts more and more until it becomes clogged.