Biliary Dyskinesia

Acute pain in the bile duct tract, located in the upper right part, manifesting in the gallbladder as colic, biliary secretion or stones, with nausea and vomiting, there are two pathologies represented in two clinical pictures: hypotonic dyskinesias; that does not carry out the action of contracting the gallbladder and the common bile duct in its entirety, this being the most frequent and hypertonic dyskinesias, is when the gallbladder and the common bile duct contract too frequently, causing pain, hepatic colic, nausea, swelling, digestive disorder and a rare condition such as intestinal migraine or migraine attacks.

This disorder is not fully understood, the most common cause is due to a muscle called the Sphincter of Oddin, located in the upper part of the bile and pancreatic duct, with a size of 1cm in length, which does not exercise its fundamental function, which is the to keep these ducts closed, in order to prevent the return of reflux from the intestines, suffering spasms or scarring, thus reaching inadequate dilation; Blood studies can be done, such as liver tests on blood serum, but the most recommended is to do other more extensive tests such as: abdominal ultrasound and Hepatobiliary Scintigraphy, in its acronym in English as HIDA, which is performed with radioactive liquid material , called a gamma-ray emitting marker, I have injected into the vein, accumulating in the liver, to then make a tour of the bile, the gallbladder, the duodenum or small intestine, in order to see how the ducts work or if there is any obstruction of the same .

Doctors recommend diets, avoiding excesses of highly seasoned food, eliminating fats, soft drinks, coffee, alcohol, if pain occurs, combat it with antispasmodics, in more severe and persistent cases, laparoscopic surgery definitively resolves the disease, which consists of Gallbladder removal, making several small incisions in the abdomen for later extraction, is a very safe procedure, with fewer infections and a short recovery time for the patient.