Bibliographic Bank

A bibliographic bank is defined as a database of bibliographic records, which can be comprised of physical supports (printed cards) and digital supports. Bibliographic banks include information on all kinds of texts and other materials in a library or a bibliographic index, which includes a group of journals, scientific publications, conference proceedings, book chapters, etc., these banks are generally designed with formats electronic, in order to make inquiries through the web. They include bibliographic citations, summaries of scientific editions, references, among others.

There are bibliographic banks that generate a general interest superior to that of academic use, being built in an informal way, some of them are: The internet Book Database, is an electronic bibliographic data bank, which provides online information about books and authors, with a social network element added. At present it includes information on 250,000 books, 73,000 authors and 4,000 series; constituting one of the largest bibliographic banks worldwide on books and authors.

The Internet Book Database Fiction, is an online bibliographic bank that includes fiction texts, within this website a message system is included that allows users to discuss about the books.

Internet Book List is an electronic database that includes information about texts, short stories and authors. This site is run by volunteers and contains information on thousands of works and short stories that users can comment on and rate.

Currently, bookstores have bibliographic banks, which help them in the sale of books and other bibliographic materials.