Benevolence is a quality of the human being with which it shows in society that it is good with those you live with. According to its etymology, Benevolence is made up of the terms “Bene” means “Good” and “Flew” means “Willing”. In other words, a person who is Benevolent wants to be good to others. Your feelings dictate that the actions you take should benefit others, even if their well-being is compromised. Philosophically, benevolence is the value that is contributed to actions, this value is positive and is conceived so that all actions based on this, are constituted to do good.

In society, there is a code that we know as ethics, moral for its part is that sense that is born from the education received at home and in education. When both are driven by a person who shows good intentions, he represents a figure who is an example to follow. An example of Benevolence is that expressed by Pope Francis I, who with gestures of humility and a notorious transformation of the Catholic Church, has sent a message of peace, union and community among the people of the world.

The new social trends that exist today have resulted on various occasions in governmental and ethnic conflicts, including war, which has meant a decrease in benevolent people, given that they are forced to take care of the well-being of their interests and of your closest people. When a person is benevolent, he is exceptional, different and stands out.