The girdle is a piece of clothing whose width is less than its length, it has a form as a kind of ribbon or band that is located directly in what is the individual’s waist, as it girds and surrounds the entire body by the waist. navel region. Currently these are more used by women in order to visibly reduce the size of the waist and the protuberance of their abdomen; However, previously this was not the case, the belt was used only by the male sex, especially in the wars of independence, these were used to distinguish all men of great office from the simple soldiers who were under his command.

This tight fabric that adorned the waist of these men used to be highly adorned, those of higher office were arranged with gold tassels specifically in the area of ​​the material loop.

The inequality that exists between the width and length gives more resistance to the garment; This piece was also widely used by the Spanish population, specifically those from the Catalan region, this is the reason that the belt appears in the presentation of traditional dances in that region.

According to the shape, size and ornamentation of the belt, it represents different uses within what is Catalan-type folklore.

  1. Sardanistas: the width and length is variable depending on the age, weight and height of the wearer of the belt, it is embroidered with initials or drawings of the team to which said group participant belongs; this is coiled at the level of the lower lumbar area, to confer aesthetics and serve as protection while the dance is being performed.
  2. Castellers: The belt is a fundamental piece in this type of dance, they are generally black whose width and length will be proportional to the height, age and weight of the man who wears it. It serves as a protective band for the lower back due to the effort they make.
  3. Falcons: The color of the belt will depend on the team to which the person belongs and this will be his first badge, it also protects the lower back at the height of the kidneys and has no variation in its measurements.