The term chela has various meanings, it is generally used to refer to beer, in fact, in various countries (not only in Mexico) this word is used to refer to alcoholic beverages. The Mexicans used to say chela or cello to people with white skin, blue and blonde eyes and from there the meaning of beer was also born, for example, invite me a chela, better I have a chela, give me a chela, you threw me a chela and make your chela. In metaphysics, apprentices or followers of a master are called chela.

what is chela

Chela means “servant”, a kind of follower or apprentice of a master, from whom he obtains instructions. In this respect, the bond between the teacher and his disciple is eternally sacred, much more so than the relationship between a father and a son; since although it is true that a father gives the body to the incarnated soul, it is also true that the teacher encourages said soul to be able to be and to see, teaches it to understand and be what it is, in its deepest essence.

This term is also used to refer to beer.

Originally, this word comes from the Mayan language with the term “chel”, which refers to the color blue.

chela (beer)

Beer is nothing more than an alcoholic beverage that is not distilled and has an extremely bitter taste. It is made from barley grains, which must be germinated, but it can also be produced from cereals from which the starch is extracted and fermented with yeast and water, then flavored with hops and other varied plants.

The chela of the cdmx is usually cold, but there are different ways to drink it, for example, a chela with clamato, cold chelas, among others.

Ways to drink a chela

The chela drink can be ingested in various ways, including Beergin, that is, two quarts of beer, a quarter of tonic water or a little soda and lemon juice in small quantities. This can be drunk with or without ice.

There is also the Bulldog Margarita, a very popular Mexican chela, consumed by mixing Corona beer with a Margarita.

Curiosities about the chela

Chela - Curiosities of the chela

In ancient Babylon, the chela drink was highly revered, so much so that if the liquor was of poor quality, the brewer was punished by drowning it in a barrel of their own beer. Another curiosity is that the foam is what verifies that the drink is of good quality and it should never end, even when the glass is empty. There are also the following curiosities.

  1. Origin of the term chela: the term comes from the Mayan language, the word chel, which means blue and refers to blonde people and, therefore, to beer (because of its yellow hue).
  2. Places where the name chela is used: Some countries in the world that use this term are Guatemala, Peru, Chile, Mexico and Ecuador.
  3. Other known names for beers: in Mexico it is also called cheve, in Argentina it is Birra, in Colombia it is pola, sour or bitter. In Ecuador it is mentioned as biela, in Venezuela it is called cold, black, curda, bira or catira.

    In Puerto Rico they call it cold, in the Dominican Republic it is called small, beer or cold. In Cuba it is mentioned as black, blonde, lager, lizard, crystal or beer.

chela memes

There are various memes that refer to this alcoholic beverage, including the following:

Chela in metaphysics

In metaphysics, it is a student disciple of an ascended one who is absolutely dedicated to a mentoring cause and who dedicates a portion of his time every day to this sacred mission.

This word is of Hindu origin and in ancient times it was often written and pronounced as “cheta or cheda”.

The life of the chelas is full of joy, of beautiful things, but it is also full of demands, which require the purest nobility of the disciple, so that all the powers of the superior being are attracted to their actions. In this way you will be able to obtain and settle all those spiritual and intellectual abilities where the teachers live.

Reaching mastery is the goal of discipleship, however it should not be taken, as the only obtaining of a benefit, but as all those faculties that inhabit the soul must be renewed in the service of humanity, because that is the majestic path. of self-conquest. Some of the principles or rules established to be part of the chelas are:

  1. You must be committed to serving the master wholeheartedly.
  2. The disciple must reflect on his shortcomings and work on them in order to provide a better service.
  3. The disciple must express his desire to serve God, collaborating with his neighbor.
  4. A disciple must guard against negative influences every day, whether they are visible or not, and above all, he must put into practice everything he is taught.

Other uses of the word

In Peru they use this term to refer to beer, the same happens with Mexico, however, in that country they also use that word to refer to people who are fair-skinned, blue-eyed and blonde, as well as people who They have a better economic position.

In some places that term is used to refer to the names of women, for example, if someone is called consolation, they are called chelito, if they are called graciela or celia they are also called by that term. In Mexico there is chela lora, a renowned singer and wife of actor Alex Lora.

Frequently Asked Questions about Chela

What does the word chela mean?

According to its Mayan etymology, it means blue, but it is used to refer to beer, people with blue eyes, or for women with names like Celia.

What is the origin of the word chela?

Its origin is Mayan, it comes from the word chel which means blue.

Where do you call beer Chela?

It is said that way in Mexico, Peru, Ecuador and Chile.

What other names does the chela receive?

It can also be called beer, cold, curda, black or blonde.

What is chela for Hindus?

He is a disciple who has a sacred bond with his teacher, the bond is stronger than that of father and son.