The term Base has a diverse range of uses, which clearly translates as a generic term that can be used in any aspect of daily life. Its etymological origin lies in Latin and its meaning is “foundation”. From here we can establish that a base is a starting point, the essential element on which something is going to be built, built, projected or formed.

When building a house, we can say that the cement, earth and stone plate that is initially built with the dimensions of the house is a base, because the entire structure whose final objective will be a home will be built on it. Always when building, you must start with a base, since this is what will define the layout of the elements that will make up what is being built, pillars and a wall are added to a base to shape a structure.

In that example and in any kind of analogy, it can be concluded that the base is part of everything, from something physical like a building, to something built with thought like a project. When the parameters, ideas and commitments of a group of people who undertake a business plan are established, we speak of a base that supports the objectives that are going to be achieved in the execution of said plan.

Another way in which we can find the base term in everyday life is in those things that are called as is. A base, in baseball, is that base to which the player goes after hitting the ball, it is considered that it is safe to reach the base if the ball did not touch it before reaching it. In the military field, a base is that secret or visible location where the leaders, soldiers and the entire component in general meet to receive orders, refuel resources and weapons and carry out the relevant planning, military bases can be anywhere of the world, they can be improvised or established as a fixed place.