The term Banner is a word in English, and when translated into Spanish it means Banderola. A Banderola or Banner is a kind of advertising that is carried out on the Internet, which consists of introducing an advertising segment within a web page, this is with the purpose of attracting everything that is buying, selling, negotiating, towards the website of the person who is paying to be included within it.

Banners can be designed with figures or with images that were designed with the help of technologies such as Adobe Shockwave and especially Flash. These technologies were created with the purpose of attracting attention and being able to transmit the desired message. Therefore, the presence of the banners does not guarantee the permanence of the graphic line of the site. Any website is capable of introducing all kinds of banner and advertising designs, although generally, it is the sites with topics of great interest or with huge amounts of traffic that end up taking the majority of advertisers.

On the other hand, when a person enters a specific web page, in which a banner has previously been introduced, it appears, this procedure is known as impression. In the usual formats, every time the user clicks on the banner, they are immediately directed to another website provided by the advertiser, this is known as “click through”. The size of a common Banner is 468X60 pixels, however there are a variety of formats based on advertising support, which is why the word banner is used to refer to any kind of online advertising design.