Bandwidth is a term handled within the field of computing, it is defined as the amount of data and communication methods that are free or that have been used, and that are expressed in bit/s or multiples of bit/ yes It can then be said that this expression serves to indicate the number of data that can be sent and can be obtained in the communication environment.

In an Internet connection, bandwidth refers to the amount of information sent to or from the website, through a previously established period of time. Internet companies offer web hosting services, which give users the ability to enjoy a limited monthly quota of bandwidth for a website, for example 200 gigabytes per month. Once this quota is consumed, the company automatically blocks access to the website.

Bandwidth allows people to have a faster connection, it is not necessary to use telephone lines, it allows connections with other services such as: Wii and PS3, programs can be downloaded in real time, you can play with other people online, you can download music, movies, etc.

In general, when a connection has a high bandwidth, it is capable of carrying the appropriate amount of information, being capable enough to support an entire series of images displayed in a video presentation. It is important to note that within a communication there are a sequence of connections, where each one has its own bandwidth. If one of them is slower than the others, the rest work as a kind of filter that will slow down the communication.