We speak of ballistics to the study that is carried out on an area impacted by bullets, demonstrating with the study the scope, the trajectory and the secondary effects that it produces, analyzing the marks left by what is called a ballistics test. . By means of this test, it is possible to determine the distance from where it came out, the direction and the speed of the shot, either from a low-caliber bullet or a more powerful projectile, bombs or rockets, among others, as well as the temperature. , the distance and the force of the impact.

In London in the year 1835 they began with the investigations of cases with the identification of the bullets and the pistols used in robberies and murders, thus achieving an important advance in the investigations in being able to define what the firearm used would be. That when firing a weapon there are a considerable number of ways that are taken into consideration, the case is analyzed by reconstructing the crime scene, forming the complete story from the moment the weapon was fired until the final impact, taking samples of each thing found in the place that can help find the whereabouts of the culprits.

This science of study of obtaining evidence in a case is divided into 4 branches of study:

  1. The internal ballistics that studies from the weapon and the beginning of the movement that propels the projectile in the initial firing phase.
  2. Intermediate ballistics anticipates the transition of the bullet’s exit from the muzzle of the gun along with its stability in the air, detecting any change that could divert the projectile from its final path.
  3. The external ballistics determines the trajectory of the bullet with the effects that it could generate until it stops, either due to the impact and what its effects are on nearby targets.
  4. The ballistics of effects have an importance since it shows how degenerative the secondary effects are in the damage left by the impact, either in an object or in a human body; All these studies have only one purpose, to be able to reconstruct the scene of a crime in order to find the culprit and know what his next steps would be and gauge the power to save other people from future attacks.