Bach flowers

Bach flowers are known as therapeutic fragrances, it is an artisan mixture of flowers which is prepared in water, the flowers must remain in conservation for several days, there is a variety of wild species that are native to the region of Wales and England, they are dissolved in a liquor such as brandy to act as a preservative for the flowers. As a result, an infusion is obtained that is carefully stored in bottles or droppers that must be made of dark glass, it is a hydroalcoholic liquid resulting from the sum of flowers and alcohol, it does not contain active chemical reagents, that is, it is not a medicine.

Floral remedies are made with various types of specific flowers and are also made with some parts such as buds, leaves, bark, these infusions are not Phytotherapeutic.

Bach flower therapy has a great result in the health of those who have used it. Also, ingesting the essences allows treating psychological illnesses and overcoming existing fears. When using Bach flowers, the health of the individual must be taken into account, both physically and mentally and emotionally.

The name Bach flowers is due to its creator, Edward Bach was a doctor and homeopath who created the 38 infusions and developed the use of this therapy called Bach flowers.

Bach flowers are used to combat stress, impatience, trauma, depression, anxiety, to lose weight among other psychological pathologies.

The last remedy made by Bach called urgent is the most used, and was also created in ointment to treat skin rashes, itching and dermatitis.

According to Edward Bach, diseases are a consequence of an emotional disorder which is the reproductive of physical diseases in the body. This means that if the emotional imbalance is the cause of some pathology, it is necessary to attack the disease from its origin.

Scientists continue to study Bach flowers so that their therapeutic effect goes beyond the effects since it is practically a substance that has little healing but causes a therapeutic effect if the patient takes it trusting that it is a really effective medicine.