The word baccalaureate is very old and its name is given to an academic program that varies depending on the country, in some nations, especially English-speaking Europeans, the term Bachelor is maintained to refer to higher education. In Latin American countries the story is different, since there are nations where it is mandatory to finish high school like Ecuador and others like Spain where it is not a requirement. In past centuries, a bachelor was a person who had completed the first academic degree at the university. Today, a bachelor is understood as a student who is attending high school, but also a graduate who obtained a bachelor’s degree.

To understand a little where this word comes from and where its academic appearance arises as a necessity for the professional future, it is necessary to go back a few centuries, in the study groups of the clergy that in their monasteries prepared themselves for debates with other religious sects that existed in the middle ages. Also during that time there were other clergy such as the secular, who were simply those who administered the assets of the church and who until the eleventh century did not have their own teaching, so their knowledge was very basic. So the bishops saw the need to create episcopal schools where they not only came out as theologians but also studied science and art. Years later, in those same study centers, the Trivium and the Quadrivium began to be implemented, teaching methods that are considered essential, since they learned a trade from which they would have to live.

Regarding the Quadrivium teaching program, it was a very complete system that included the subjects of: music, geometry and astronomy. At the end of the 17th century, Pope Innocent III gave the order for the creation of general studies, which at the time took the name of universities. In history, at least a third of the students who entered high school are not clear about what to study and it is natural to be certain of knowing what they want, so high school is essential to define your vocation.