Azithromycin is a broad-spectrum antibiotic formulated with the aim of stopping the formation of bacterial proteins in an infected area. Azithromycin belongs to the group of Macrolides, which are natural, semi-synthetic and synthetic antibiotics that occupy a prominent place in the treatment of infections caused by intracellular bacteria.

It is a very popular antibiotic in the field of infections that involve mucosal cavities, such as the larynx and the ducts that lead air to the lungs. It is prescribed when a person has respiratory tract infections such as bronchitis, however, no antibiotic is prescribed to stop a cold, since the knowledge of this acts as a barrier and not as an adjuvant to the mucous outflow.

The antibiotic Azithromycin acts as an inhibitory barrier against bacteria, leaving a prolonged effect on the affected area. In addition, Azithromycin is an important member of the response team against sexually transmitted diseases, except for HIV and HPV given its degree of complexity. . However, they provide their barrier to diseases such as gonorrhea, syphilis, urethritis, chancre and lymphogranuloma.

The dosage with which Azithromycin is administered is varied, depending on the degree of infection, for example, if it is a bacterial infection of the respiratory tract and related such as tonsillitis, it must be administered at least once a day by a short period (3 days, more if the discomfort persists). In the case of STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) the treatment is longer and with heavier dosages, 1 G. per day, as opposed to 500 mg. prescribed when it comes to a battery that attacks the respiratory tract.

Azithromycin has the advantage of not having penicillin, this popular antibiotic for not being compatible with some blood types, which makes it an effective and safe solution when it comes to treating this type of clinical problem. In some cases, one of the side effects of Azithromycin is linked to pain and stomach spasms, which is why there are currently presentations accompanied by the gastric protector Omeprazole.