The origin of the word Ayurveda is from the Sanskrit language and at the same time it is a word composed of: “Ayur” whose meaning is prolongation of life, and “Veda” which means truth or knowledge. Ayurveda turns out to be a medical system from India, it is known as a very old natural healing method since its initiation dates back more than five thousand years. Ayurveda is considered an art because it effectively involves the various ways in which human beings must maintain their overall health, that is, it is not only a type of medicine that cures or heals body ailments, it It also focuses on man complementing his physical state with his emotional and spiritual state, thus causing a balance in his entire being.

This is the basis of traditional Indian medicine and globally in its considerations the complete harmony of each individual taking into account their beauty in every way, for this it is based on food and life habits such as physical activity plans and techniques of mental and spiritual harmony in order to avoid disease. In India there are universities specialized in training professionals in charge of this type of medicine and the meaning that “Ayurveda” has for them is the science of life. It is also considered a life plan because it does not focus only on a specific discipline, but rather focuses on restoring the person’s natural balance. It incorporates in its treatment techniques the use of medicinal herbs, as well as different rejuvenation and detoxification techniques, and in this way whoever practices it takes it as a way of life.

This way of life was approved by the World Health Organization as a traditional medical method or system, since it is considered a medical system of historical societies that have left their generations a written and practical legacy of their knowledge. Ayurveda helps to obtain the health you need for your healing and helps the healthy person to maintain it.