An avalanche is a large mass of snow that forms naturally and spontaneously and collapses towards or from the mountains, usually this landslide is violent and noisy. It can also be the detachment of the large mass of matter by a slope precipitating down it. All this under the action of gravity and its speed ranges between 50 km/h and 300 km/h.

Powder snow avalanches are the most common, as there are also fresh snow avalanches, deep snow avalanches and plank avalanches. They can be caused by accidental factors, such as rock movements, falling trees, among others, they can also be caused by the breaking of the snow cover, by the simple passage of a skier or by acoustic vibration.

Some risk factors of avalanches are the temperatures and the explosion of the slope, since it depends on this that the avalanche changes its characteristics and is heavier and more dangerous, that is why in winter when we decide to go climbing in the snow, since we do not know at what moment a snowfall can surprise us, that is why they are called the fearsome avalanches. For this reason, it is always advisable to have the necessary equipment to go to these snow mountains, such as: the victim rescue device, the shovel and the probe.

Getting out of an avalanche unscathed is a bit complicated, for this it is recommended: ski outwards, always take a descending position and try to slide towards one of the flanks of the avalanche.