Automotive is the capacity or condition of what moves by itself, study and description of the machines that move by the action of an engine and particularly of the industrial sector related to the automotive.

An automobile can be described as a motorized vehicle that takes its name from its self-moving ability, that is, it does not need human or animal power to move from one place to another. It is a vehicle powered by an internal combustion or combustion engine that is specially designed for the land transport of people.

And, on the other hand, the term is used to designate the automotive industry, that is, the industrial sector linked to automobiles.

It should be noted that the aforementioned industry covers the design, development and automotive manufacturing, after the assembly of parts, sale and repair, and is one of the most important worldwide as a result of the large number of jobs it directly generates, that is, , in the same factories and also indirectly by the impressive component industry that walks alongside them.

Innovations introduced to the car by engineers include automatic gearboxes, hydraulic braking and steering systems, air conditioning, and engines with very high compression ratios. Although piston internal combustion engines have served the needs of motor vehicles for more than half a century, these engineers have been investigating other possible energy sources and have successfully built experimental models of vehicles powered by gas turbine engines. . They have also developed and implemented improved alloys and other substances that reduce the effects of corrosion, weathering, wear and other damaging natural agents.

The need for these specialists is felt progressively, not only to improve the products of this industry, but also to create more efficient processing and production methods.

The automotive industry was the first to make point chain assembly and other systematic methods, more or less automatic, almost perfect. The integration of these systems is a constant challenge to the inventiveness of the engineer, from which the final product benefits. This type of engineering is studied in many schools and universities. In some countries there is a career and title of automotive engineer.