Being authentic is being oneself and knowing that at the moment of truth it is what really sets us free. There can be no freedom without authenticity with ourselves. Authenticity is a privilege and that is why it is not smart to leave home forgetting it in the attic. It is by our own authenticity that we can measure ourselves with absolute objectivity.

When we are authentic is when we really are what we are. For that reason, being authentic to yourself means being sincere, being honest, being free, and being true. To be authentic, no one demands that we have to say everything we feel, but that what we say is really what we feel.

One of the signs that we live in a world that aspires to be better is manifested by the great amount of attention that many people pay to the call of an authentic life. Most of us aspire to have important jobs and careers. We seek relationships that transcend old roles and are emotionally and spiritually fulfilling. We question the voices of the so-called “authorities” that seem superficial, and look for new ways to create community. We want to be and be authentic leaders. The word “authenticity” dominates the vast majority of self-help and inspirational media.

Falsehood, lies and hypocrisy are common among humans. On the contrary, someone is considered to have authenticity when he does not pretend, does not cheat and presents himself as he really is.

Authentic people show themselves to others in their true personal dimension, without folds or strategies, telling the truth, even if they do not understand each other.

Authenticity analysis is also important in journalism. The newscaster may receive an envelope with photographs allegedly showing a politician receiving money from a drug trafficker. Before broadcasting the news, the journalist must confirm the authenticity of the material because it may be a setup to discredit the political leader.

Thanks to the reduction in the complexity of the mass production processes of many types of products, we find ourselves in an era where it is very difficult to find authenticity. The fact that almost anyone can access manufacturing tools that were once reserved for large companies adds that the price of raw materials has also become easy to manage.