Autarky, also known as autarky, is the term used to refer to a person or community that advocates a financial system with self-sustaining capacity, that is, without receiving any type of external help. Simply put, it’s about economic self-sufficiency. It is also related to autarchism, a political philosophy that seeks to exalt personal decisions and rejects the existence of a State that is in charge of administering the benefits of citizens; it is a much milder form of anarcho-capitalism, and was proposed by Robert LeFevre. Similarly, it is the name of an old Spanish electric propulsion car factory.

In the financial field, the self-sufficient economy depends, to a great extent, on self-sufficiency, that state in which the acquisition of goods is in the hands of the individual himself; for this reason, it is often inferred that this position gives the person significant autonomy and independence. However, when it comes to a national economic system, during historical periods of war, restrictive trade policies decide to close the doors to imports; so the presence of autarky reduces the population to consume only the products that it is capable of producing (it implements self-consumption). This system, it should be noted, also extended to law and politics. Currently, the economy is determined by globalization, contrary to the aforementioned system.

Autarkism, for its part, watches over the “government of oneself”. In a classical way, this is distinguished from anarchism, whose economy was plagued by interventions that violated the individual freedom of each of the citizens. Various authors and politicians, over the years, have been in favor of these ideas. For its part, the Autarquía SA Electric Vehicles factory was established at the end of the Spanish Civil War, while the country was in a serious economic situation; It was divided into 3,500 shares and soon, around 1950, with the departure of its main shareholder, Guillermo Menéndez, production would almost completely decrease and, in 1955, the company that made up the company ended up being dissolved.