Aurora Australis

The aurora australis is a structural phenomenon that gives it a shine or allows the emission of light rays without raising the temperature that appears in the night sky, they have a structural shape and very different colors that change rapidly over time.

At night the aurora australis begins with a very long isolated arc that extends over the horizon and goes in an east-west direction around midnight the arc can increase in brightness.

Each of the bumps that form on the surface along an arc with vertical structures that look like very long, thin rays of light begin to form.

The sky can fill the intervals of magnitudes of spirals and rays of light that move very quickly from horizon to horizon and can last a few minutes as well as hours.

But when dawn approaches, the whole process calms down and only some small areas of the sky are bright until morning.

The colors of the auroras depend on a set of things that are similar to each other, because they have one or several common characters, molecules of very small bodies or a small part of the solar wind, and the energy level that these atoms or molecules reach.

Oxygen is what is responsible for seeing the primary colors of the auroras, the green and yellow of the energy action, while the red color produces an action that occurs less frequently.

There is no doubt that the universe is one of the things that most dazzles people. There are many people who are fond of this type of astral phenomena and the aurora australis is an event that deserves to be observed since it is a very colorful gift that the sky offers humanity, a spectacle of nature that shows the beauty of a universe in total balance.