Athens is the name by which the current capital city of Greece is known, which is considered one of the countries with the richest and most influential history in the entire West of the European continent. The city of Athens is located in the southeast of Greece, specifically on the Attica peninsula, and has always been considered the most important city in that country, not to mention the fact that it has always been the most populous. Since ancient times, Athens has been the city with the greatest political and economic power in the area, excepting only a few periods where they presented some temporary decline. She is also considered the cradle of elements of great social importance, such as philosophy, democracy, theater, history, etc.

Currently this city has an area that is close to 39 thousand square kilometers, in terms of population it is almost 750 thousand inhabitants, for which it could be said that its density is quite low when compared to other capital cities. of Europe and the world. Likewise, it is important to highlight that Athens has an important metropolitan region, in which a large part of the population that surrounds the city is located.

As for its history, it can be said that it is very broad and culturally and historically rich for the world. Historians indicate that the name of the city has its origin in the fantastic, being the goddess Athena who gives rise to the name, this deity is the protective goddess of the city. On the other hand, there are those who claim that the city of Athens has existed for more than 3400 years, however, it would not be until the 5th century BC that the city would reach its peak. This period, known as the classical era of Athens, was the moment in which democracy was created as a form of egalitarian government.

Today Athens is an important tourist center. This is related to the fact that they have a wide presence of fabulous and impressive monuments of antiquity, among which the Parthenon or temple of the gods can be mentioned, which undoubtedly occupies the first place of tourist destination.