It is that behavior that shows rejection by a person towards all kinds of creeds regarding any type of deity, this term is derived from the Latin language “athĕus” and in turn this comes from the Greek language “ἄθεος” which means “without gods”, at first the word atheism was used as a form of insult towards those individuals who refuted the belief of some religious figure worshiped by the society where he was, however with the appearance of free thought and other scientific currents they made that its significance fades. One of the most important conglomerates in the world to openly declare themselves as atheists were those belonging to the movement of the French Revolution, who considered that reason should prevail over religion.

Currently atheism has been divided into two parts and has been classified into positive atheism and negative atheism. With respect to positive atheism, it is noteworthy that one of its main characteristics is the explicit denial of the presence of any deity. On the other hand, negative atheism differs in flatly denying the existence of any superior being, however it denies their belief, which is why it is usually considered a form very similar to agnosticism.

In general, these types of individuals who declare themselves as atheists, do so mostly by adopting a position that leans towards the intellectual and scientific part, since they reflect on the beliefs in some type of deity and end up discrediting said acts based on in the absence of evidence that is of such force that they would end up affirming the existence of some type of superior divine being. It is very common for atheists to decline for two positions, one of them is more aggressive especially in terms of discussions about the existence of some god and the other at the other extreme is presented to atheists with a much more passive attitude until somewhat indifferent to what religious people believe.

Over the centuries there have been many people who have explicitly declared themselves to be atheists, including the famous director James Cameron, the famous actress of English origin Keira Knightley and the Spanish actor Javier Bardem. Currently, recent studies have shown that the largest number of atheists is concentrated in European countries, followed by Oceania.