Basically, association is the process in which a relationship between two objects is found, either due to a similarity that they present, such as the same origin, the same physical or mental characteristics, as well as belonging to the same place.

The term comes from the word “associate” and the suffix ción, being action and effect of associating. For its part, the phrase free association, is a psychoanalysis technique created by Sigmund Freud, for the in-depth knowledge of the subconscious of an individual, in order to determine what his psychological situation would be, in addition to analyzing and approximating what would be the true subject’s personality.

Meanwhile in Law, the association has four variants: the free association, a human right that allows a person to create different organizations or companies, without any restriction of law (except if the movement violates it); the association is defined as any group formed by legal entities, which pursues the same goal or purpose; the voluntary association, occurs when a group of people unite, as part of their private right, of their own free will; Finally, the political association, is the situation in which two nations collaborate with each other or come together to achieve different ends. There is also the association of ideas and behavior.

In the economy, it is the union of two or more individuals as an art of acts of a financial nature. In botany, the term is used to designate the different species that are named with a variation of the names of another dominant species and that is present in its genetic structure.