Aspiration is a word that has several meanings, one of them is related to the personal idea, people have goals and objectives that they want to achieve, which is closely linked to the idea of ​​desires that a person has for himself. In this sense, the aspirations can be of different topics, such as salary, which is perhaps the most heard when going to a job interview, that the person who is thinking of hiring normally asks what the applicant’s salary aspirations are.

what is aspiration

The term has its origin from the Latin aspiratio, and has a meaning that refers to inhaling something through one or all the airways and, due to the speed of the aspiration, it reaches the lungs. Children are at greatest risk of aspiration, as well as older adults.

Generally, a secretion aspiration technique is performed in these cases, even more so when there is pneumonia. It also refers to wishing for something or dreaming about something (which is possible, of course).

But the aspirations can also be of another nature, for example, when a person wants to improve their work, their place of residence or any issue in their personal life and that is where people must decide and set goals and real times to be able to do it, to meet them within a certain period. People will evolve in their lives and each time they will find new aspirations.

Aspiration in medicine


The term refers to the introduction or removal of liquid or objects through movements that involve suction. At a medical level, it has two different meanings, the first has to do with the inhalation of foreign objects to the human body, for example, inhaling food through the respiratory tract.

The second refers to a medical procedure performed to extract something from a specific place in the human (or animal, if applicable) anatomy. Substances removed may include fluid (as in meconium aspiration syndrome), bone fragments, air, etc.

Medical aspirations are also quite likely to occur, but this is to remove any tissue that works for biopsies, perform a secretion aspiration technique (almost always done with a suction tube), etc.

It is also important to talk about the aspirate, which refers to a liquid that is extracted from the body, either by tumors, by cysts, etc. Here it also includes food aspiration, which generates immediate lung problems, especially in children, who are at greater risk of aspiration.


These include meconium aspiration syndrome, aspiration pneumonia, breast injuries, extraction of ascitic fluid in the abdomen, fluid in the lungs due to an accident, etc.

personal aspirations

Aspirations are connected with the desire for personal fulfillment of those who want to add value to their lives through the concrete meaning of fulfilling a mission. An aspiration is an important motivation. In this sense, as coaching, a person can have different aspirations in the professional field and in the personal field. Personal aspirations are also connected with the personal qualities of each one.

Having personal and professional aspirations can help us have a clearer vision of our goals in life. In this article we will talk about what personal and professional aspirations are, where they are different, and how important they are to being successful. But there is also friendship.

Having the friendship of the people around us is something that most people aspire to. Although for some it is easier to make friends wherever they are, there are people who, due to their character, have problems interacting with people and therefore interacting with them.

The truth is that we should aspire to have the friendship of people who value us as we are and not people who want to get our benefits.

Professional aspirations

The first job desire is to complete a career and exercise it properly, make this profession their new lifestyle, grow in all areas, fill themselves with knowledge, complete post-graduate degrees, doctorates, etc. All in order to achieve better options in the jobs you have. Aspiring to have a profession in which all talent can be developed is something that will last a lifetime.

Not only will having a career help pay for all your expenses, if you choose a career in an area that you like, you will enjoy your job for the rest of your life. It is also possible to aspire to move up the ranks at work, to have a better salary according to one’s abilities or, in the best of cases, to change jobs for another that favors them even more.

family aspirations

The first impression in this aspect is to find someone with whom to form a family, have children, pets, acquire a house, a car and feel complete, but other needs are also found with the family in which one was born.

What if the person has time without talking to their parents, siblings or grandparents? The desire is to speak to them again, to share with them, to be a family again. Sometimes the wishes tend to go beyond what is possible, perhaps someone wants to see her mother who has passed away, but she has her in her memories.

Another example that is part of this aspect is when mothers want their children to collaborate more at home, to spend more time at home, to respect mealtimes. They are small aspirations that can be fulfilled if you pay attention.

loving aspirations

It may be finding the loved one, as it is something that everyone aspires to at some point in their lives. The person can fall in love with any other subject at any time in life, but it must be very clear that one must aspire to have the love of a person who feels the same, that is, that the feeling is totally reciprocal, otherwise , the relationship will not have a good ending. And just as you want to find a person with whom to share the rest of your life, the need arises to have a family, to have offspring and increase that love.

Aspiration in cleaning


Vacuuming can also refer to dust or debris from carpets, floors, clothes or bedding, with an electronic device called a vacuum cleaner, which has the function of “sucking” collecting all the debris in a bag, sometimes washable and other disposable.

There really is a lot of availability of products or appliances to clean the home and maintain cleanliness at all times, starting with an electric or manual vacuum cleaner or simply installing a centralized vacuum system. This system is based on the correct circulation of air, cleaning it in the process, it works with an electric motor and is responsible for removing dirt with a fully flexible hose that places the garbage in its deposit.

All of them have a vacuum system, they allege that it offers savings because it is cheaper than buying several vacuum cleaners or sweeping, it has a lot of power and a lot of energy, since it can perform its functions for a long time. For some this may not be a viable option and prefer to stick with traditional cleaning methods, however alternatives are good and can be considered.

Vacuum cleaning not only serves to keep the home clean, but also to avoid allergies, respiratory diseases, avoid having insects or animals that should not be found in houses, etc.

Difference Between Goals and Aspirations

Frequently Asked Questions about Aspiration

What is called aspiration?

That will always depend on the meaning of the term, if the word is spoken of in cleaning environments, it is to refer to sucking up dirt particles that are in the environment, floor, walls, etc. If we speak in medical terms, it is to extract liquid, bone fragments or food that are inside the human body and cause difficulty in breathing. On a personal level it is to achieve goals, desire new things, etc.

What is aspiration of secretions performed for?

It is used to eliminate all those mucus that restrict or hinder the passage of air to the lungs, that is, that do not allow correct breathing.

What is the suction probe for?

Its function is to improve pulmonary oxygenation, thus accelerating the collapse of the lung.

What are business aspirations?

It is about those wishes that the person has to reach a new job position within the company or, failing that, the desire to create their own company and generate jobs.

What is aspiration abortion?

It is nothing more than a surgery through which an abortion can be performed, it lasts approximately 15 minutes and local anesthesia is used. This type of abortion must be performed up to 12 weeks of pregnancy, since the cervix is ​​dilated, a cannula is inserted that sucks the fetus with a syringe and that’s it. Dilation will always depend on how advanced the pregnancy is, but it is a safe method.