This is a type of conduct or behavior that some human beings decide (of their own free will) to choose, it must be taken into account that it is not a disease or psychological problem, it is simply the attitude that some people decide to take. An asocial person who does not like to interact in society with other individuals, prefers to carry out solitary activities in which there is no relationship with people with different ideologies.

Asocial people are not motivated to make new friends, because they somehow feel that they do not belong to the society in which they live. In most cases, social people are characterized by sharing the rules, behaviors and values ​​established by society, so that there can be a healthy and adequate coexistence for the integral development of communities, although on the other hand not everyone likes them. The fact of fitting in properly in a community matters, asocial subjects prefer to be well with themselves than trying to please a group of people, in some other cases they prefer to be alone because they feel better about themselves. On many occasions they are classified as serious or not very funny people and it is because they are not willing or have no interest in interacting with the other people around them.

They generally identify themselves because they are people with little communication and interaction when they are mixed in large groups of people, they also have few friends, and this is because they do not feel comfortable when they are in contact with the other people who are around them. surround. Currently this is a situation that occurs in many young people, because they feel that the world rejects them (although it is not) and that is why they decide to distance themselves or distance themselves from those people with whom they live day by day.

In an extreme way, the best way that can exist to exemplify an asocial person is with a hermit individual, since hermits decide to live their solitary life, away from society, thus leading a hermetic life, that is, closed. They live in lonely places, so they don’t have contact with other people.