This term comes from the Latin “arrogate”and refers to a certain attitude that some individuals present when they dialogue with other people, such as being haughty, vain or pedantic, it is that feeling of superiority that some people can have and that can be uncomfortable for others.

It is a negative attitude since the arrogant person will always believe himself superior to others and will give excessive importance to his image, always pretending to deserve the best and always demanding recognition for himself. It is important not to confuse this term with self-esteem, since a person with self-esteem will not feel better than others, much less will they flaunt their skills in front of others, since they feel good being what they are without bragging about it.

Arrogance is an unpleasant behavior, people tend to stay away from the arrogant, since they can’t bear to have a relationship with someone who is always talking about himself and the things he has achieved, the arrogant will never be able to recognize the achievements of others will always think that he is the best. In the workplace, it is common to find someone arrogant, someone who always seeks to throw his achievements in the face of his colleagues. Many consider that this behavior is caused by a lack of affection, low self-esteem, fear of failure, etc., aspects that can influence the arrogant person, prompting him to adopt this attitude, with this it could be concluded that arrogance derives from a the need to hide an inferiority disorder due to not having received adequate affection from their relatives.