In a strict sense, an appellation is that word that is used to describe a person or thing, focusing on its characteristics. In the same way, this word can be defined as the term used to replace the proper name of an object or person, and generally refers to some defect that it possesses or, well, some particular characteristic. As a synonym for a nickname, the nickname is that qualifier that is added to the name of any being. In America, it is common for family names or surnames to be called this way.

In linguistics, it is the communicative act that aims to capture someone’s attention, that is, it is intended to influence the receiver. On the other hand, within the field, the word is also used to determine the name given to it by a certain class of objects or individuals, which may well make mention of only one of these, but would not be mentioning individualizing traits; examples of this are books, shoes, clothes or, also, human beings. The vocatives are closely with the appellatives, since they are those nouns used to get the attention of a listener. Likewise, it is used in those languages ​​with which invocation can be expressed.

As a nickname or nickname, the nickname can take on a personal nuance, leaving the typical group name. In general, a memorable feat or action performed by the person or animal is taken into account, in addition to its physical characteristics and behavior. Nicknames are not limited to people or animals, objects and even specific geographic locations, which enjoy a certain recognition or stand out from the rest, can receive one.