The appease refers to the action of; reassure or calm, softens, soothes, cushions and serene by putting peace, tranquility and tolerance without inciting violence. This word is also used as a noun.
The appeaser has the function of containing and calming the violent or excited state of mind of a person. For example; the ruler tried to appease the fury of the protesters; Da Horta comments that “the Turks do not use opium as an aphrodisiac, as some people think, because not only does it not increase the appetite of the meat but it appeases it”; with such measures, the fears of the financial markets would diminish. It can also be said; that refers to the establishment of peace or tranquility where there was a confrontation.

The art of appeasing a conflict between two people shows personal virtues as valuable as patience to understand that the rhythms of each one are different from their own, emotional intelligence to observe what unites us and not what differentiates us, a positive vision conflict instead of having a negative outlook, negotiation skills, prudence, temperance and calm.

For example; when a baby cries inconsolably and her father or mother picks her up and sings lullabies, they also want to calm him down, that is, calm him down to calm the intense crying. It should be noted that age also tends to temper the temperament of those who have had a lot of character throughout their lives but who, when they reach old age, feel more vulnerable.

In conclusion we can highlight that each person who takes the role of pacifier; anyone, before a war or social conflict. You must be objective and act as a referee in such a situation to achieve if the main objective (to calm the atmosphere of discomfort and anger) is that both parties decide to leave the contest.