The god Apollo is one of the main figures of Greek mythology, being part of the group of the twelve gods of Olympus, his father was the god Zeus and his mother the goddess Leto, he was the twin brother of Artemis, according to experts after Zeus , Apollo was the one who exercised the greatest influence in ancient Greek society, being also one of the most adored, his functions and qualities were many. His power was such that only his parents had the ability to control him, which generated fear on the part of the other gods, in ancient times he was known as the god of sudden death, diseases and plagues, however he was also the god of protection against the forces of evil and the god of healing, beauty, harmony and perfection.

Apollo was a trigger for Hera’s anger, since when she finds out about his existence, she tries to prevent Apollo from being born at all costs, legend has it that only four days after his birth, he fought against a dragon, which He had been sent by Hera to kill his mother Leto, a battle from which he would emerge victorious, which is why the god Hephaestus gave him a bow and arrow that would always accompany him.

It is said that because Hera was willing to prevent the birth of Apollo at all costs, the other gods were afraid to welcome Leto into their dwellings, since they thought that Hera would attack them, which is why Leto moved towards the Ortygia Island, where, stationed on the trunk of the only tree on the island, she waited for more than a week for the birth of her twins, because Hera had the goddess Ilitia (responsible for assisting the births of the gods) captive. Despite the fact that many gods tried to help, only the goddess Iris managed to convince Hera by giving her a necklace, to free Ilitia, thanks to them she was able to assist Leto, first Artemis being born and finally Apollo.

The god Apollo has been related on many occasions to the oracles, because as he is the god of healing, he required the help of the oracles in order to know about an illness. The cities of Delos and Delphi were peculiarly important in the worship of Apollo, however the cult of him spread to many more regions. In addition to this, it is believed that this god was involved in the conquest of several cities, in addition to the fact that it is believed that he helped the Cretans in the foundation of Troy.