Etymologically, the word apocalypse comes from the Greek “apoccalupsis” which means “revelation”. It is considered the last book of the new testament where what is in store for the world in the future is written as a prophecy. Also called the book of revelations, it is a unique book, considered by literary experts as a text that is based exclusively on the prophetic, it has a large number of symbols that may be a bit complicated to interpret, which is why it has been reason for many investigations and interpretations throughout history. The Catholic Church grants the authorship of this book to the apostle Saint John, in addition to considering that this writing belongs to the holy scriptures, so they must be accepted and believed as part of the Catholic doctrine.

The apocalypse is a book whose literary genre is apocalyptic. Normally this category of texts was used in times of persecution, being a literature of strength that seeks to provide hope to the persecuted. When this book was written, the Christian people were victims of great persecution, which is why its content is full of symbols, figures and numbers, so that the persecutors could not interpret it.

In the apocalypse, the use of numbers were used as symbols, for example the number 7 means “perfection”, the number 6 denotes “imperfection”, since it lacks one of seven, and the maximum imperfection is six tripled (666) which symbolizes the number of the beast, the number of Evil (Rev. 13-18). In addition to being an apocalyptic text, it is also prophetic, its most persistent and fundamental prophecy being that the defenders of good will always be persecuted by evil. But she will always fall in the face of good, since God will defeat Evil.

The prophecy says that God will come to fix his dwelling among humanity, and love and peace will reign.