According to its etymology, the word antipathy descends from the Greek, then from there it was transferred to Latin as “Antipathos”, “anti” what does it mean against and “pathos” which refers to feeling. It can be said that antipathy is a characteristic feeling of rejection that can occur in an individual when he is faced with a person who is not to his liking. Presumptuous or pedantic people can cause this type of feeling of antipathy and rejection by others.

It is often thought that a person is unpleasant because they do not greet, they do not show any courtesy gesture towards others, they do not like to be in groups, but that is something very subjective, and it should not really be generalized, since there are people who They are shy and find it hard to relate, and well, it is not correct to classify them as unfriendly, you must first get to know people before calling them that, it has always happened that people get carried away by appearances when reality is different.

At work, at school, everywhere you can run into someone like that. Unfriendly people are usually not very affectionate, they always go around with a frown as if everything bothers them, in short, antipathy can cause certain problems in terms of social relations, since antipathy with sociability do not get along of the hands That individual who is considered unpleasant because of his way of being, will present certain problems when looking for friends. The antonym of the word antipathy is sympathy, it is the opposite, someone with sympathy will always be nice.