Anguish is a state of very intense restlessness and nervousness, produced by something bothersome or by the threat of a tragedy or danger. The anguish would be then, the reaction that a person has before a traumatic event, when he cannot exert control over the excitations of internal or external origin.

Sigmund Freud, in his early studies, differentiated two types of anguish: realistic and neurotic anguish. The first arises when you are facing a totally real external danger and that supposes an increase in motor and sensory tension. While the second does not have an external foundation, it does not openly allude to an object or is exaggerated in the face of the objectivity of the risk.

Anguish implies a state of accumulated and unreleased tension. It can originate for various reasons, for example due to the inability to resolve certain conflicts or the difficulty in making decisions that implies the renunciation of other options.

Distress symptoms may be punctual and disappear immediately. It is often shown through small psychic alterations, which usually appear and increase in a few minutes, presenting the following sensations: palpitations, sweating, crying, sleep disorders, difficulty breathing, fainting, nausea, etc.

It is important that in these cases the person goes to a specialist to help treat the problem through psychological therapies, or taking a drug.

In the same way, the person must take into account other actions such as the practice of physical sports, to reduce the aforementioned symptoms. It is necessary to learn to set priorities and also to delegate. It is essential that the person seek free time to do some hobby and enjoy the loved ones of him.

It must be taken into account that to avoid falling into this situation, it is necessary to identify which is the true path for each one, the most essential thing is self-knowledge.

To be able to know exactly what one’s own abilities are that allow the development of a better job, without requiring more effort; since when the person is naturally aligned, it is possible to achieve efficiency in what he does.

Each person is born with a different quality, with which they can exercise creativity, in the environment where they live. Knowing how to detect this particular characteristic is everyone’s task.