Angiomas or hemangiomas, a medical term given to benign tumors that extend from a conglomeration of several blood vessels, can present with a smooth appearance or with a reddish-colored bump on the skin, although it mainly appears on the face as in the forehead, mouth, nose, neck or the lower part of the neck, it can also occur in any part of the body.

This group of blood veins can be capillary or arterial veins, which have grown more than normal and often occurs at the birth of a baby or later, either in weeks or in the first 2 years of life, in some cases. it occurs in childhood, although it does not become a malignant tumor and does not invade other tissue that is not superficial, it does not cause greater seriousness in the infant other than aesthetically speaking, it is believed to be a congenital defect of the baby’s development in the gestation or hereditary, its duration is indeterminate since, as it can disappear at two years of age, as it can last the first ten years of life.

They appear in two types of angiomas, the so-called superficial or strawberry ones, their appearance is from small spots to some large ones in different spaces in the skin and of a light reddish color and the so-called cavernous or deep ones that present bulging protuberances of an intense red color. to dark, varying in size from protruding from the skin in small bubbles to a large lump, it can occur in some cases that cover half the face like that of an arm.

Its treatment varies according to the case and the treating doctor, who may or may not send any medication beyond a simple anti-inflammatory cream and specific care and since there is a possibility of being eliminated with laser surgery, it is better to confirm the possibility well no longer all patients with angiomas need it.