Etymologically the word angel comes from the Latin “angelus” whose meaning is “messenger”. It is a word that has a connection with religion, since it is used to define a spiritual being whose main mission is to serve God. Angels are represented in the Holy Scriptures of the Hebrew and Christian Bible and in the Koran. They are creatures of great innocence and purity that in most cases are in charge of taking care of human beings, they are immaterial beings and without earthly needs, created by God to be in contact with humanity, to be able to transmit events through them. of great importance. In the Christian religion, the angel is in charge of guiding and advising beings so that they follow the path of good.

In Christianity there is the figure of the guardian angel, which is described as one of the most benevolent angels that exists in religious doctrine. It is said that God assigns each person one, to protect him. On the other side is the fallen angel, who was expelled from heaven for rebelling before God.

The most famous angels within the Christian religion are: San Miguel, San Gabriel and San Rafael. The angel Gabriel is the leader of all the angels and is also the envoy of God for all the prophets, through him the revelation is fulfilled, not only of the Koran, but also of the gospels and psalms for those who receive it. Miguel is the one in charge of the rain and thunder. And Raphael is the one who gives the signal of the coming of the judgment day through the “trumpet of truth.”