Traditionally known as a metal anchor used primarily to hold and hold a ship or boat at sea. The anchor is much more than just a piece of metal. It should not be forgotten that a ship without an anchor will inevitably drift and this circumstance is so obvious that it is logical that the anchor has served as a metaphor to express all kinds of ideas.

This symbolizes the idea of ​​firmness. Sometimes the anchor expresses the tension between the land and the sea and in this sense there are images of anchors in coins, vessels and even in some burials. One of the typical elements of Greek and Roman ornamentation is the dolphin and the anchor, two elements with which it is intended to communicate a classic world motto, festina lens, which could be translated as “hurry slowly”, a phrase attributed to Augustus , the first Roman emperor.

Ancora is the given name as well; to a person or thing that serves as support or protection against a misfortune, this word is also used to refer to a piece that serves to regulate the movements of some watches, on the other hand; In the construction field, anchor is considered to be a T-shaped piece of iron that is used to fix and join the beams of the factory.

For example: Jesus Christ, the son of God accompanies me. I believe that he will come; he is the hope, the anchor of the salvation of the world. He sacrificed himself for sinful men and women.