Amplitude is called the set of characteristics that make a certain extension, an area of ​​large dimensions. In the physical field, the term is used to describe the maximum speed of a force in a period of time, while it is in motion, in short, the amplitude is used to measure the periodic variations that are seen along its trajectory. ; similarly, in mathematics it is treated as a measure to observe the highest or lowest value of a variable.

In the same way, it is used to exemplify those vertical planes that contain an imaginary line that goes from the viewer’s eye to the observed object, which reaches the center of a celestial body, all within the field of astronomy. Among the contexts in which the word is used, is the one in which the extensive knowledge about a topic is mentioned, that is, it is the praise that is launched at the high understanding that an individual may have about the various topics that they carry. coexist on the planet.

Similarly, it is also used to list superficially the knowledge of an individual, which is considered to be many. Statistics is a broad field, in which data about a group of people is taken and analyzed, to form a forecast or determine facts that are committed by the population. Likewise, “breadth” is the word whose mission is to encompass the process whose mission is to establish what the average value of a study is, starting from the lowest and highest value.