This word is commonly observed or applied at the end of prayers issued to the ears of God, this is because the word amen means “So be it”, thus being an expression of approval used solely and exclusively for prayers or religious verses, thus demonstrating that the individual gives consent and approval of all the actions exposed throughout the sentence.

This word is of Hebrew origin, and therefore it is used in different religions such as Judaism, Christianity, Gospel, and Catholicism, being observed at the end of each sentence of these religions; the root of the word amen describes firmness and in Hebrew its meaning agrees with the word “faith”.

According to the religion practiced, the word amen can differ in some meanings: in Christianity, as mentioned above, it is used to close pronounced prayers, this is generated by the pronunciation of this word by Jesus at the beginning of some prayers. words for his followers; in Judaism this word is applied on different occasions, not only for the completion of a sentence, but it is also applied as a response to receiving a blessing, at the beginning or end of a sentence where he expounds on the religious aspect, in fact for the Hebrews the word amen depending on the occasion used its meaning can vary to “God, the king in whom one trusts”. On the other hand, for the Islamic religion, it is pronounced in Arabic, especially at the end of a thought or phrase, and its meaning will be exclusive “So be it”.

The word amen not only has an exclusive use for the religious sphere, according to its concept or meaning it can be applied on numerous occasions outside religion, such as in phrases such as: “all i say is peace and amen” this time refers to the word amen as a substitute for Yes, another example would be “that everything is ready in a jiffy” means that the execution of the function is fast, that is, it would be the substitute for accelerated or “in a second”, another expression would be “enter the amens” using the amen in the plural, referring to making an appearance at the end of the event.