The term Amazon is used to describe the organization, company or company of American nationality in charge of electronic commerce and cloud computing services at different levels with headquarters in the city of Seattle located in the State of Washington. In other words, it is an electronic commerce corporation qualified as the most important in the world, whose main motto is “and you’re done”, which translated into Spanish is “and you are ready”.

Amazon was established in 1994 by Albuquerque, New Mexico native Jeff Bezos, an electrical and computer engineer; but it was on July 16, 1995 when the page for sale to the public was launched under the name of In its beginnings, Amazon was an online book store, but over time and thanks to its great success, they also began to sell other products such as movies, video games, or music CDs. After a while its name was changed to what we know today as “Amazon” due to the South American river with the same name.

This American company was one of the main companies to sell goods through the Internet. Amazon Corporation today also owns The Washington Post, Alexa Internet, Internet Movie Database (IMDb), Shopbop, Kongregate,,, and

The Amazon company has installed independent websites in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Canada, Japan, Spain, Australia, Mexico, China, Austria and Italy, in order to offer each of the existing products in said countries. Today Amazon comprises a great diversity of different product lines that offer everything from software, DVDs, video games, clothes, food, books, etc.