Amalgam is a metal-based material used in dentistry for the repair or restoration of a tooth fragment, generally used in caries. Amalgam is the fusion of a metal called mercury, with other metals that can be silver, nickel or tin, for this reason the coverage is silver and in the most daring patients gold amalgam can be placed; is covered have the main function of obstructing or plugging the openings that appear in the crown of the teeth due to cavities, thus allowing the tooth not to lose its ability to grind food.

Although the amalgam is attached to the surface of the tooth, it cannot be glued directly, a type of glue must be implanted in the tooth lesion to be able to strengthen the union between the dental layer and the obturator, the main advantage over the application of amalgam is its ability to remain in the tooth for a delayed time, and this we must add that its cost is lower compared to other therapeutic techniques, in the same way the use of amalgam also has a disadvantage, the main one of all is its gray color which gives little aesthetics to the patient’s face since the teeth are dark, added to this, it is possible to mention the extraction of dental material that must be carried out in order to apply the metal cover, leaving the tooth more hollow.

Another disadvantage that cannot be ignored is the polluting impact produced by the use of this material, remembering that the metal cover is made from mercury, therefore, it can generate different post-exposure pathologies to the patient, the treating dentist and turn to the environment.

The amalgam has a preparation process as follows: mercury is mixed in a liquid state with other metals, thus achieving a pasty consistency which is applied by means of pressure in the hole inside the tooth, later Upon application, the excess mercury is removed by the dentist, and the amalgam will progressively harden as the first hour passes.