An altar is basically a table or an inn used to grant offerings, sacrifices, among other signs of gratitude or adulation to a saint, showing respect and admiration in a way. According to the bible, the altar is not a table, it means a high place where people offered animal sacrifices which would wash away their sins in front of the eyes of God.

It also makes reference to the fact that the altar was a table on which incense was burned to be able to communicate with divine entities, in other words, the altar is a place where actions are carried out that allow expanding the connection or communication of man with God, divine entities and spiritual purposes. The meaning of the altar and its function will depend directly on the type of religion that is being practiced.

According to Catholicism, the altar is represented by the place where man has a direct connection with the greatest father of the earth, God. At the time of the Christian mass, the altar represents the divinity of Christ, which is why at the beginning of the mass the father leans over and kisses him, the Christian Catholic religion considers that the first known altar in the world is at the time of the Last Supper, an event recognized worldwide where the son of God “Jesus” He is sitting next to his 12 apostles enjoying his last supper before being persecuted and crucified, while Christians were persecuted they used as an altar the tomb or sepulcher of a person who had direct contact with God, likewise in this religion it is allowed to identify two types of altars:

  • Mobile altar: it is a stone that allows its easy transport and in which the ostias are deposited.
  • Stationary altar: represents the table consecrated by the priest, just as it consecrates the base on which that table is supported, if the table is separated from the base, they have to perform the consecration again since the spiritual connection between them is lost. both.

Another religion that makes use of altars is Santeria and Spiritism, which describe altars as portals that allow the medium to lend his body to spirits or saints, these not only serve as a transporter but also perform protective functions. against witchcraft or works applied to the owner of the altar