The alphabet or as it is also known “alphabet” refers to a set of letters that are structured under a specific order accepted at a general level within the framework of a given language. It refers to a set made up of spellings whose purpose is the representation of written language, which serves as one of the most important communication systems in the different existing languages. If reference is made to the Spanish language specifically, this set owes its name thanks to the first three letters that compose it, which are: A, B and C. The word itself originates from the late Latin “abecedarium”.

The alphabet

In the alphabet, each letter is the representation of a phoneme and currently, in the case of the Spanish alphabet, it is only made up of simple signs, as is the case with all languages ​​that adopt a type of alphabetic writing. In addition to this, it is important to point out the fact that the letters “ch” and “ll” are no longer part of the alphabet, since they are considered as digraphs, that is, compounds made up of two letters, which make up a phoneme. Words can be formed through the letters of the alphabet and it is made up of both vowels (A, E, I, O, U) and consonants. An important fact is that the sounds of the letters preceded their written form, since, as is well known, man learned to speak long before writing.

All the letters that make up the alphabet can also be used to classify and list. As shown in the following example: “the names of the participles in alphabetical order or alphabetically”, another example can be found before they are written down according to the first letter of their last name, with respect to observing in the dictionaries which contain the words of a language and they are ordered following the pattern of the alphabet.

According to research carried out by experts in the field, the first alphabet books in the West originated from the North Semitic alphabet, which appeared more than 3 centuries ago. With respect to the Roman alphabet, it was used by the Etruscans from the letters of Greek origin. Initially it had only 21 letters, but over time they were expanded to reach the 26 that are currently known.