An alluvium is a stream of water that carries with it all kinds of sediments and that, depending on its magnitude, can cause flooding. Alluviums occur after heavy rains or as a result of a volcanic eruption or an earthquake. This river of mud brings with it all kinds of material: sand, rocks, branches, etc.

On its way, the alluvium usually increases in size as it drags all kinds of solid waste, generating destruction in its path. In this sense, it should be noted that the alluvium is similar to an avalanche, of course the avalanche originates in the snow-covered mountains.

Expert geologists consider that the alluviums are produced because the reliefs weaken over time and one way to do this is with the movement of mud flows. It is important to clarify that rainfall is not the only factor that causes the appearance of alluvium, but also the material available on the slopes of the mountains, which in turn depends on the vegetation cover of the area.

This natural phenomenon is dangerous in various ways: because its consequences can cause human deaths and material losses. Because it is difficult to predict. Because it causes environmental destruction.

Here are some of the signs that a flood is about to appear: heavy and constant rain, unexpected rise in water flows, cloudy water in the channels, loud background noise.

On the other hand, in those areas where floods are very frequent, the authorities frequently apply a set of prevention measures. The first thing is to have an evacuation plan, it is also important to plant trees in low-lying places, since this way the destruction of forest mass is avoided.

Once the alluvium begins, it is best to take refuge in places that are as far away as possible, preferably looking for high areas. As for residential buildings that could be affected by the floods, specialists advise the construction of retaining walls, which can stop the circulation of water and earth from the flood. If by chance you are driving and come to an area affected by a flood, it is best to avoid going through it and get away from the place as soon as possible.