It is a reaction of the body to something external, it causes the defense system of the human body to be activated and a symptom is produced that usually causes complications and various problems, reacting involuntarily and immunologically in the organism. There are many allergies and although humans share them, they do not necessarily suffer from them and even so they do not present the same symptoms and the way of treating it are different.

The wide variety of allergies range from allergies to pollen, to the fragrances that some plants or flowers give off, to animals, to dust, to plastic or some component of it, detergents or strong soaps, even cosmetics such as lipstick, perfumes or body creams that both women and men suffer from, foods that can cause allergies of great concern such as squid, gluten, soy, or peanuts that become the number one enemy of some people, since without their due timely treatment can cause death.

Perhaps the allergy is not a major evil by itself, it is the effects that it produces in the body that endangers a person, since in many cases the visible symptoms are not shown but are found internally, producing an inflammation, inside out in a very slow and prolonged time leaving the person breathless that if not diagnosed in time can cause a greater evil; because suffering from an allergy is easy and simple and without realizing it, through the consumption of some food product, by inhalation or by contact or application directly to the skin.

Being a response of the immune system to something that is not natural for him, there is an average of two people out of ten who suffer from some type of allergy, a very marked index to suffer from them is the genetic predisposition of a person. The symptoms vary with each person and with each type of allergy, the most visible and common are nasal and bronchial mucus producing asthma, swelling and redness of the eyes and face, stomach discomfort that causes poor digestion, the skin it becomes thick and red with spots, swelling the body in parts causing itching, on many occasions all the senses are involved from the ears to the palate with a slight swelling and itching sensation.