Algology is a specialty linked to anesthesiology, responsible for the study of pain and its scientific medication. The specialist in this field of medicine is known as an algologist, who is also a specialist in the area of ​​anesthesiology and who complements everything learned, to treat all kinds of chronic pain.

Various medical specialists in algology define pain as an annoying and extremely unpleasant symptom, which alerts the person that something is wrong with their body. It is the body’s way of emitting alert signals to the brain when certain areas of the brain are sick.

Pain can be classified according to its intensity:

  • acute pain: it is one of the symptoms of disease and if by chance it lasts more than 30 days, it ceases to be taken as a symptom, to become a condition that can, in some cases, injure certain nerve or vascular structures.
    • Chronic pain: it is one that lasts more than 40 days, it can cause both physical and psychological effects in the person who suffers from it.
    • Somatic pain: this type of pain is well located and the person has no problem identifying and describing it.
    • Visceral pain: this usually originates in the different systems of the body and is frequently associated with intense contractions of these, or their inflammation.

    Today, they do not have to suffer from these discomforts, since modern medicine offers many alternatives, such as pain clinics, whether public or private, that can help the person reduce pain. In countries like Mexico, there are numerous specialists in the field of algology, in charge of treating terminally ill patients, in order to alleviate a little the pain that arises during this phase.